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Some REALLY basic questions

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Hi all


Ive been testing a number of VOIP servers, most of the free ones on Asterisk are abit quirky, however been using 3CX server (isnt bad), come accross SNOM ONE.


Downloaded (Windows 32bit 2011-, installed, nice and easy... however ive been trying to add the 3CX softphone to it, and the log file says:


[1] 2011/06/24 00:27:17: TCP: TOS could not be set, code 0

[0] 2011/06/24 00:27:17: Cannot send packet: No license


So is this software really "free" as it says no license? I cant find anywhere to buy anything for this? i want to test it with the voip service i have and the softphones (3CX) before i go wading it with hardware.


Also i assume this will work with other SIP phones or is the mainly SNOM hardware only server?


I notice the version i have (latest, downloaded today) doesnt seem to have all the logging of the SNOM BLUE and YELLOW as i can only see the log inside the webpage, not in a file.... ideas please?


Also the low down with differences between the hardware boxes and the ONE "free?" software.


Many Thanks


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You need to activate snom ONE Free (and all editions) then this will work.


Home | Settings | Licesne.


No difference in logging that i know of. Should be the same program.


As someone who co-wrote a book on 3CX (http://www.packtpub.com/3cx-ip-pbx-tutorial/book) you'll find snom ONE very interesting.




snom ONE is a more advanced product and is a bit more learning curve to learn.

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Thanks, found the location (its under ADMIN when you first install it which vanishes once you have done this).


It now has loads more buttns, will play over the weekend (might remove 3CX Server as well for a proper play).


Is there a location i need for port opening and forwading (documentation)?


Many Thanks


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