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  1. Ive been sent a direct message by snomONE about this, there is no way i am going to get any clients to move from v4.5 to version 5.0 when they have to add $1000 to get the same features, as Cisco has been banging at my door its just about impossible now to not let them in as i just cant install version 5.x in any enviroment, it doesnt work the same as version 4.5. Cisco phones are cheaper, however i have sent an email to snomONE sales about this as requested by snomONE member here.
  2. really? how do you buy it? ive just upgraded alot of v4.x, i am going to be nailed over this.... dont tell me its $100's, this could put me in a very large hole... as a "fix it fast" i assume rolling all these back to 4.x will be easy (i didnt see this "feature" vanish in there line up).
  3. I am setting up a version 5 as a test, i cant for the life of me find the call recording section, v4.5 it was in: [domain] / general settings (Recording default for this domain) I cant find the above setting in v5.0.7 (Win64), ideas?
  4. Clicked on edit, changed the name, saved it, when i re-open it didnt change anything. v5.0.7 (win64) I managed to change it all manually in the XML files (*/domain_alias/1.xml and */domains/1.xml), still seems odd though.
  5. Hi I am playing with the new version 5 (i have a fully working version 4 as i dont really want to move yet). However the defualt install has domain "pbx.company.com" as a name, when i edit and try to change this it saves but never changes, how do i change this?
  6. Hi Thanks, we will use Windows 7 64bit then. Any Microsoft OS thats is not a server has a limit on the amount of TCP connections it can have at one time (active state), from memory Windows 7 is 20, i think Windows XP was 15, for any server OS from Microsoft it is unlimited. In therory you couldnt have more then 20 phones (10 calling another 10) at one time, however its likely to be less than this as a connection would be deemed from one TCP port to another. Its for the above reason you dont really want an IIS or Apache server running on a retail (no server) OS from Microsoft.
  7. Hi I currently use a v.5 something SNOM ONE, ive not had time to look at version 5 (not liking the idea of all the upgrades). However as i am likely to need a special install for this, i would prefer not to use a Windows Server OS, what's the stance with using the below (no more than 10 extensions). Windows XP (32bit) Windows 7 (32bit) Windows 7 (64bit) Its likely that FAX will be in use, i assume there are no services that Windows itself has to supply (wasnt the case in version 4.5). Am i going to get a TCP tsync problem as XP will support 15 and 7 will do 20 connections at one time (server is unlimited).
  8. SNOM sold there PBX software to them, the whole thing (SNOMONE). I have just found out and had a call from them
  9. Hi Ive just had a call from "snom one" who now explains SNOM sold there PBX software (to someone called Vodia Networks), is this good or bad????? He also explained the key is the order number, i had the order number, however nothing on there website explained that this is the key (this was the problem i was having). What about the older SNOM hardware (like the SNOM SOHO), will those continue to work now they (SNOM) have sold the PBX software, i liked the way v4.5 works, if i dont like 5 then will roll back to 4.5, however as its no longer supported what will happen?
  10. Hi I am using v4.5 at the moment, planning to upgrade to 5, however it has less extensions, that said... I just cant find how to license this, i have created an account at snom one, i ordered ONE FREE, i received the proof of purchase (with a Order Number), however when i log in to my account at SNOM ONE it says "This license for this system can be reset 1 more times", ive not had it the first time, its not in spam, i received all the other emails so how do i get a license key? ive not install v5 yet. When i do will i have issues as i have phone config files and what will happen with hunt groups as i can only have 1 in version 5? How will it it loose all the features not available in version 4.5 (such as 5 extra extensions etc...)?
  11. Hi SNOM ONE v4.5.0.1075 works with voip.ms, no problems, upgrade the EXE file to v4.5.0.1090, can make out going calls, nothing will route back to SNOM ONE... What was changed to break the trunk settings? (copying the old version back (v4.5.0.1075) fixes the problem, outgoing and incomming works.
  12. I understand what your saying, however this doesnt help me fix the problem, where do i start here? What part of SNOM ONE do i need to attack to stop the internal extension names from appearing in a caller ID on Bell or Rogers? (without breaking the internal extension names from appearing on each phone) I assume it will be under the Trunk config somewhere or will it be a re-write rule (i hope not)? You are aware if i ask the VOIP provider i am going to get "see your PBX manufacture" and you are saying "see your voip provider" which in itself is a non-resolution answer and the client will say "get another PBX" so shooting yourself in the foot... OR they will get another of there own that "works" for them when this one works very well, however with what i (and maybe you) see as a tiny problem, but for the client is huge... Heres the problem, one extension is called "problem clients", when they called out what appears on the clients phone? i call from a company showing up on there phone as "xxx xxx xxxx Problem Clients", they lost the client and got a huge bad write up.... such a basic problem, however they will dump the PBX at the speed of light unless i can get this fixed.
  13. Thats great, however knowing it "can" do it, doesnt help me "find" how to do it.... there has to be a setting inside SNOM somewhere about CID (Caller ID). I will add this isn’t to internal extensions, this is an extension ringing a BELL phone or Rogers phone, on the Bell or Rogers phone it says the internal Extension Full name "like "John Office".
  14. Hi When making an outgoing call the Caller ID on the receiving phone says the actual name of the extension that is making the call. Like "Office Sales", this would be the extension name set in: Accounts > Firstname / Lastname fields are used as the caller ID. They are using a trunk here thats SIP, it works fine, however i cant find a setting in SNOM ONE that tells me what the caller ID will be? Ideas on this?
  15. Hi I have SNOM ONE running on Windows 2008R2 x64, works fine, records everything, however recordings are being deleted, the directory is still there but the recordings are not, it appears . We know this is happening as if there's a complaint we copy the recoding, we have copies but the originals have gone, is this SNOM ONE? as we are 90% certain its not Windows as nothing else ever vanishing from the system, we are going to look at the backup to attempt to see what's going on. Going to have some major issues as these recordings are going to be needed… It appears to be faily random, we cant tell why...
  16. Hi<br style="mso-special-character:line-break"> Seem to miss the point here, 3CX soft phone is FREE for use under 3CX PBX, however if you use it on any other PBX you pay for the phone, if you pay then you get support. They want the money AND are telling me it wont work and advising me to get another soft phone (I have that in writing as well). They have actively been telling me not to use 3CX softphone with SNOM ONE, there is a lot of comms that resulted in that statement, including "your have to find another phone then and not use 3CX", even after telling them "the 3CX phone is a standard SIP phone”, this was also ignored meaning (i would assume) it is NOT a standard SIP softphone, if it was it would work with SNOM ONE, i cant get it to work, and cant find anyone else that has either (at least the version i have)..
  17. Please see this thread about getting 3CX softphone working with SNOM ONE, 3CX says it wont work.... hummmm 3CX wont work with SNOM ONE PBX
  18. Hi So 3CX softphone will not work with SNOM ONE, i have it in writting, if you buy 3CX softphone they will not support it to work with SNOM ONE (even if you pay 3CX for the softphone), see email below...
  19. UPDATE Ive just had an email from 3CX direct, telling me it would be a good idea to get another softphone (from Snom or other agent) as 3CX are going to charge money for there 3CX softphone if its not used with there own PBX... so that makes this thread pointless (although it never worked anyway)
  20. thats great, so what settings do i put where for this to work? (from one that has had them working?)
  21. Hi, has anyone got this to work? 3 days work and nothing here, managed to get it to stay "registering" but it never completes and i cant see anything in the SNOM log file...
  22. did a phone reset from the webpage, it booted (saw the soft buttons for 1 second) it booted again and loaded the update, then booted again and now there back. Same with both phones.... thanks
  23. If only the recordings are running slow, this sounds like a CODEC issue, this would almost be the only way to do this, what codec do you have selected in the main settings to use? I have mine on G711U and G729A only and no others., same for all the trunks and extensions all use system default.
  24. I assume this isnt running inside a Virtual Container? is 2008R2 installed actually on the hardware?
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