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  1. Happy to give it a try in our test environment (WIN64).. do you have a change log to go with this?
  2. Great! Upgrading our development CloudPBX servers now. Almost ready to finish that project too, BTW.
  3. Right! That explains a few random shutdowns then!
  4. Ok, cool. Guess I better update our 4.5 build customers
  5. Hi There, I notice the fix is a 4.5 build. Was the bug only in 4.5 builds or earlier builds also? Cheers
  6. Have just logged a fault with Snom. We have the same issue.
  7. Hi Guys, What is the tie-up/changes I see on the SnomONE site with Vodia Networks? Who are they? There does not seem to be a lot about them online. The new licensing changes vs. SnomONE Yellow and Blue seem strange. What happens to current users running SnomONE Yellow or Blue and want to upgrade? What happens to PBXnSIP customers that want to/need to/can upgrade to SnomONE Version 5? Cheers
  8. Hi Everyone, We have this on the older 4.3 builds and the new 4.5 builds. Only happens for us a few times a month at our bust site (so hard to capture/reproduce) but is embarrassing! One company is a medical center and getting 2 patients talking together is not a good look. I have tried to re-create it hundreds of times, and cant. Bu it happens. Any ideas?
  9. It means Do Not Disturb is active on that extension Cheers
  10. We have this intermittently as well. have not been able to get enough diag info to log a fault. When it happens to us, the buttons are still "mapped" on the phone (GUI) as well as the SnonONE GUI, but presing the button does nothing at all. Stop and start of the SnomONE (or PBXnSIP service)or update of the buttons on the SnomONE GUI.. I updated a site to Version: Epsilon Geminids (Win64) 2 weeks ago and they had it yesterday.
  11. We get this a lot now. Used to get it all the time in early version 4 builds, Went away for a long time, but seems to be happening again. Might be just coincident. If we hard code to a proxy with its IP it is never an issue, if we have it pointing to the FCDN of the server after the connection is backup it sits on "408 Request timed out - Retry in 60 seconds", but never does. If we hit "Register" it is fine. We don't want to hard code to the IP of the server as we have SRV entries on the Domain Name and some failover/load balancing setup. If we hard code to 1 server we loose redundancy.
  12. Cheers guys. Will give it a go again on Monday.
  13. What a good start! For us here, it seems a bit slow. Browsing the site can take 20 - 30 seconds to bring up a page or an assessment. What is performance like for you guys at Snom?
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