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Forward to cell -> no dial tone


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Hi there,


I have a question regarding the expected behaviour of the dial tone when it comes to fixed cell forwards: At the moment when an extension is forwarded with 0 sec delay to a cellphone and the incomming call is from external, the caller hears no dial tone at all. This is very confusingly for the caller because the first audible feedback he/she get's is when the other party accepts the cellphone call and says "hello" or whatever.


The current ringback setting is set to Message 180.


Any ideas?

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I assume you want to hear ringback not the "dial tone".


Anyways if the "ringback" on the trunk is set to Message 180, then PBX will not play ringback.wav. It will send just the SIP 180 Ringing reply and the it is provider's network who should play the ringback audio.


If you set that to "Media" then PBX will play ringback.wav back to the provider when it receives the INVITE.

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Well, however you call it, ringback or dial tone is for me the same? ;)


Thanks for the hint, I have to figure this out with the provider, because if i switch it to "MEdia" , we have no ringing sound at all when calling in (local PRI line, Asterisk as gateway sangoma PRI -> SIP SnomOne).


Maybe it's related to the Asterisk.

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