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Need recs for ISDN BRI to Asterisk


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Pls provide product recommendations or experience (and vectors to readings/FAQs,

manuals) for my application, which is to interface a Euro-ISDN circuit to an

Asterisk-based PBX. I want to be able to route the two ISDN voice circuits

individually to trunk ports on the local Asterisk PBX, or to remote locations,

by manual configuration. (I travel from my foreign office frequently, so

when there it'll ring the local PBX, when travelling ring my foreign PBX.)

I'd manually reroute by logging on to a GUI.


I have found the Mediatrix 4401 which looks like it fits but I'm unsure

about the ability to route the two voice circuits independently.


I have also come upon Patton SN1200 and Patton S-DTA. Anyone know



Other possibilities? Need only 1xBRI.


Thanks for all help

Jeffrey Race

Cambridge Electronics Laboratories

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