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new enhanced intercom button looks cool, but how is it setup?


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snom ONE, Release 2011-, 6/29/2011


This below function new enhanced intercom button looks cool, but how is it setup? There is no new button type under button profiles.


Please give step by step.


"Enhanced button functionality: By merging button functionality of the snom phone (intercom) with button functionality of snom ONE (speed dial or BLF), users can now intercom a pre-programmed number"



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Basically, if you login to the phone's web interface you will see a drop-down for "Intercom" option under the "Function Keys" page. Now, you can configure one of the buttons to be "intercom" and use it in conjunction with a speed dial or BLF button to intercom to that extension.


Ex: Consider extensions 200 & 201.

1. On the PBX, assign a button profile to the extension 200 with, say, key 7 as the speed dial (or BLF) to 201.

2. Login to the 200's phone web interface and configure a key(other than key 7) as intercom. Say you chose, key 8.

3. Now you can press key 8 + key 7 to intercom to 201 from 200. Note that other intercom rules still apply on the PBX, like if you have multiple registrations on 201, then the phone will just ring.

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but that works GREAT. great guys. should be provisionable via pbx though.


that was the #1 reason people snomone intercom wasn't real accessible.


similar functionality for callmobile, callvm, etc makes remembering those arcane star keys a thing of past. (only people who remember star keys are those who programmed them or used every couple hours. ;-)

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