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Transfer *77 "This feature is not available at this time"

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We are using SNOM One Free edition (PBXCTRL 4025) with Cisco SPA 501 and SPA 303 series phones.


I know that Transfer using refer or the buttons on the phone will not work but how do we use the feature code *77(Extension#).


We have removed the codes from within the Phone configuration itself and when we press the Hand button (Hold button), we cannot dial any codes.


So I will pickup a new line and press *77 to which we hear "This feature is unavailable at this time"


I have tried various methods but we are stuck some help would be nice thank you!!

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Hi Guys,


I solved the issue. It was the local dial-plan on the Cisco SPA series phone it was set to *xx and as soon as we entered *77 it dialed without waiting for the extension after. Simply adding *xxxx allowed us to transfer calls, however the call pickup for any line will not work by dialing *87 we now have to be specific with what extension we which to pickup after *87xx.


Thanks for your response.

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