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Monitoring CO-lines & active line button


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Phones Snom320 in the system have 3 BFL, monitoring specific CO-lines CO1-2-3.

CO1 and CO2 are related to a Isdn Trunk. CO3 is related to a voip trunk with several other CO lines (3-4-5-6).


The voip-trunk is used for outgoing calls. The problem with this setup is that the first user calling out gets CO3. Next user jumps to the isdn-trunk on CO1. It looks like the system is not offering CO4-5-6 because these are not on the phone buttons. According to the dial-plan, they should be used.


If I make the CO3 button an active line, it will also be linked to incoming calls on CO1 and CO2.


I suppose there is something wrong in the setup; maybe someone has a better way to reach the same goal : being able to monitor the isdn-trunk AND being warned that there is phone traffic on the voip-trunk ...


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The CO-line option is very useful generally when you use only 1 trunk.


When you map more than 1 trunk's CO lines on a single phone, things can become complicated. If you want to make outbound calls using a specific trunk, then you need to press that co-line button on the phone before making the call. Otherwise, phone/PBX will always use the first free co-line, which could be on the wrong trunk. Also, if you do not map certain co-lines to phone, then PBX will not use those co-lines when that phone makes the phone call.

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