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Cell phone button type

Alex Sergeev

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Good day!


Help to understand how to work Cell phone button type, wich provide from Snom ONE.


1. On Snome ONE I programmed, for examle, key 7 with button type Cell Phone without parameter.

2. I try to pressing key 7 on phone. And and nothing happens.


We liked the work Intercom key feature in the latest version

We would like to use the key Cell phone as well as press Intercom.



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Basically that button is used either to transfer the call to the user's cellphone or retrieve call from user's cell phone. Note that the "cellphone" is the number that is set on the extension's "Redirection" page. So, if there is call on the extension and you want to "handover/transfer" the call to it's cell phone, just press the button and your cell phone should start ringing. Or if you are walking into your office with a call on your cell phone (call must be made through the PBX), you can press this button to take the call on your desk phone.


There is another feature related to cell phone. That is mostly the speed dial button with *00<someone else's ext number>. By pressing this button, you will call the cell phone of that person. Sometime folks confuse this feature for the cellphone button feature.

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Thank you explained.


A couple suggestions:


1. Can add functionality to this type of button (Cell phone). In standby mode, this key can be switched on/off call forwarding unconditional.


2. Almost all of our employees have a cell phone. In particular, the secretaries would be very convenient to have one programmed key extension number, which would allow the call to the extension as well as a cell phone (and Intercom course). Programming separate keys for speed dialing *00<someone else's ext number> makes increase the number of Expansion Module. This is not good.

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