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best way to handle large qty of DIDs?


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I have a client with 900 DIDs. We are probably going to setup about 5 ACD Queues or so.


I have a trunk setup with the following rule in "send call to extension", which sends the call to 4XXXX with XXXX being the last 4 digits of the DID:




Now, what I want to do is setup a single "rule" (edit: a single rule per DID) somewhere that controls which queue to send each DID to, or to just hang up the call if that DID is not currently in service.


I tried creating an IVR node with a DTMF match of:




According to what I read on the forum, I thought this would send all calls ( without any digits input from caller ) directly to agent queue 73, but it's not working. I'm sure I misunderstood how to do that "redirect", but maybe there's a better way to accomplish this?



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What is very efficient is to give the extensions alias names with the DID. For example "41 9781234567" could say "extension 41 has also the alias name 9781234567", and then when the call comes it, the PBX would try to find the account in the account alias list. That works pretty effient (internal DB lookup), and you can scale that easily to mor ethan 900 numbers. There is also a way to bulk-import accounts through teh CSV import feature, so that you essentially have to come up with a CSV file for you extensions and import that.

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