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Changing snomONE IPAddress


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Evening all,


I have snomONE working on LAN x.x.x.x but i need to move this server onto a new lan y.y.y.y


I have stopped the snomONE process, re ip addressed the box and re-booted. But i'm now unable to access the web interface using the new ipaddress, is there a file which i need to update manually?


Many Thanks


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There is a old article about this topic here: http://kiwi.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Office_with_private_and_public_IP_addresses. Essentially it says, you can have multiple IP addresses even mixed IPv4 and IPv6 on the PBX, no problem there, as long as the operating system routing table is set up properly (especially for UDP).


If you did not do anything to the ports, and just bind them to any IP address, the move should be smooth and I would not suspect this is a problem with the IP subsystem. Probaby on the other server, there is another server blocking ports 80, 443, 5060, 5061 or 389 (LDAP). You can use netstat to see what is going on on the server. Also you can run the PBX manually with the option --no-daemon and --log 9 to see what happens when it starts up.

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