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Disable DHCP Server


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I'm using a SnomONE+ appliance in a setup where the router is the DHCP server for the LAN. I have disabled the internal snomONE+ DHCP server by hitting "stop server" in the Servers->DHCP menu but every time I restart the appliance the DHCP is enabled. What is the right way in snomONE to disabled it always?

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There are two interfaces, eth0 has DHCP server enabled and will give out leases in the range range, and eth2 is a dhcp client. If you do not require the DHCP server then use eth2.


However if there is a requirment to change it, you can request access to the advanced section. If you have this unlocked you can configure the DHCP server and stop it. Removing the subnet range will effectively disable it, as the dhcp server will no longer be able to give leases out.

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Our first two appliances, Pure Sip trunk service on the first and 8 analog lines on the second, went extremely smooth, and in each case we deployed these units and had them up and running prior to reading the manual. I do not recall that disabling the DHCP server was difficult. We did have an issue with the Sangoma Card on the second unit, but we posted tips to help others. both units are fully PNP with Snom 300, 320, and M9 handsets.


Building a WINDOWS or LINUX vs THE SNOM ONE APPLIANCE. We are in the Sales Support business and the later is an extremely cost affective solution and looks and operates professionally, and takes less than 1 Hour to deploy.

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