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Email on status Change


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Good day,


We have several SIP Trunks connected to our Snom One. Each SIP Trunk is from a different IP Telephony provider. The problem we are having is that every now and then, the system sends out 2 emails (each email only one minute apart): One email says "Trunk XXXXX (8) changed to "408 Request Timeout"

(Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds). This is a notification email. Do not reply" The second email, that is sent one minute later, says the following :"Trunk XXXXX (8) changed to "200 OK" (Refresh interval 1800 seconds). This is a notification email. Do not reply."


It seems as if every time a trunk re-registers, it has a problem for a limited time span trying to re-register, and then it manages to register succesfuly.


What could be the problem? How can we fix this? (We are not really sure if certain calls fail during this time span).



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No, the providers did not change anything. This has been happening since we installed the Snom One PBX. We have several SIP TRUNK providers, and this happens with all of them. So logically , the problem lies on our side. We have the Snom green, version 3981, running on Win32. Is there any setting that we could change on the trunk level to prevent this from happening ? Or maybe should be upgrade to the latest Snom One version?

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They're release notes regarding some of these issue, here http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Release_Notes


Upgrading to the latest would be the 1st step since we have made some improvements on the trunk section.


http://www.pbxnsip.com/download-software/software.php for the latest pbxnsip sip build. Version

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