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trunk not registering after restoring internet


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With both the old and the latest version, when the internet is restored after it went down, the SIP trunk does not automatically re-register, instead it stuck at proxy timeout.

I have to login and manually click the register button.

Would you please tell me what should be done to fix this? I set the "proposed duration" to 60 and keep alive to 30.


also, almost every couple of days or so, the trunk would go from ok to proxy timeout or auth failure, then quickly back to ok.


thank you!

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If you are running the latest then they're has been some fixing and changes in the way trunk are handled today. Check the release note below.




You also mention that your trunk gets a "proxy timeout or auth failure" A timeout is usally when something has chnage on the provider side, could be a DNS or a change of IP address or a network issue on your end, The authentication could be a wrong password as well, try recreating your trunk.

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