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we're currently testing Snom One Free 2011- (Linux) using Snom320 Phones FW 8.4.31.


We're using Autoprovisioning and we want to enable call completion.


1. After resetting the phone it receives the Firmware and its autoprovision settings

2. Changing follwing settings at the webconfiguration of the Phone:

Parameter call=completion=on

Parameter guess_start_length=4 (default)


Now, if i am trying to dial ANY number, the phone chooses the 1st Phonebook entry as soon as i entered the 4th digit.



-typing: 0177...

-now the Phone shows up the first Phonebook Entry of the internal Phonebook (we did not add any own numbers yet, just the internal numbers are inside the Phonebook by default).

-I press X to delete the wrong number

-I keep typing and complete my number manually

- pressing OK to dial the manually entered number

- the phone shows up the extention number of the extention 'A......' (shown up before) and dials it.



I already resetted and reconfigured the phone after this without success.


This does not happen if were not using autoprovisioning.

How can this be solved?

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Well, sounds like you want to do "number guessing" (call completion is something else: When you call comeone and you can't connect, the system will give the phone a hint when the extension becomes available again).


Number guessing via LDAP is a difficult beast. Do you want to do this locally on the phone? Or do you want to involve the PBX? Locally on the phone might be easier, though a reboot would kill your list. Via LDAP might be a problem, we had some posts in this area recently.

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