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Changing Caller ID in IVR SOAP-call


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Is it possible to change the Caller ID (CLIP or CID or what is it called?) to something else within the IVR SOAP-call?


We would like to create a system that would look up the FROM phone number in our client-database and that would then change the Caller ID to the name of the client that is calling. That way the phones should display this name and the operator instantly knows who is calling.

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Not sure if the article made it into the new Wiki, but the old one had some information on this topic: http://kiwi.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Linking_External_Application_Server_to_an_IVR_Node. As far as I can see, you cannot change the From or To header at this point. But I dont think it would be too hard to add that functionality.

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That is indeed available in the new WiKi also, but I hoped it might be a hidden feature like the !T!999! notation which seems to be only available on the forum :-)


It would be great if this could be added in a future version.


Do you happen to know if all snom-phones are able to show such FROM phone number, also if it contains letters and not only figures?

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