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Ringback WAV files per account


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In a previous forum thread, 'Music' while Hunt Group Ringing, it was mentioned that version 4 software would allow different ringback.wav files to be used with different accounts.


I would like to set up a unique ringback for a single extension (or for a hunt group). I don't see an option for this in the web interface. Did this feature make it into the version 4 software? And, if so, how do I set it up?


I hacked a Grandstream phone to act as my door intercom and would like suppress the ringback sound from this one extension. I thought I could achieve this by playing a unique ringback.wav file that had no sound. I'm running Snom One, 2011- (Darwin).



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If you login as admin and navigate to Extension->Mailbox page, you will see those options.

I did see that option earlier and uploaded a test WAV file to see what it would do but it didn't change the ringback sound the extension used. Since the option was under "Mailbox", I assumed it had something to do with the mailbox sounds so I didn't investigate further.


The test WAV I used was the custom "ding dong" ringtone (20 KB) I created for the other phones to play. I assumed the custom ringtone and custom ringback specs (PCM, 8 KHz, 16bit mono) would be the same. Is there a different requirement?

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I just tried the "noise.wav" file included with the Snom One installation as the ringback file for an extension (a Snom 820 in this case). It shows up as "recordings/ringback2.wav" next to the ringback setting, and pressing the speaker icon plays the noise correctly, but the ringback used by the extension when dialing another extension or external number did not change.

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