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troubleshooting dropped calls


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hi there,


wants the best way to trouble shoot dropped calls?


i have people complaining about dropped calls. i see the following in my logs


[5] 20111102110243: BYE Response: Terminate 57013b3cc783-98y2n65yo8ry


and this



Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK-de8a3ad89b13788879a54f5777f70b62;rport=5061
From: <sip:8004928468@domain.com;user=phone>;tag=0425310071
To: "Coleen Mac Queen" <sip:21@domain.com>;tag=pg3pm9np15
Call-ID: 57013b3cc783-98y2n65yo8ry
CSeq: 2314 BYE
Contact: <sip:21@;transport=tls;line=ljhsjt2p>;reg-id=1
User-Agent: snom870/8.4.32
RTP-RxStat: Total_Rx_Pkts=53264,Rx_Pkts=53264,Rx_Pkts_Lost=0,Remote_Rx_Pkts_Lost=0
RTP-TxStat: Total_Tx_Pkts=53291,Tx_Pkts=53293,Remote_Tx_Pkts=53232
Content-Length: 0



how can i denitrify where the issue is?



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You can enable the email notification on the following to get the admin notified of the call disconnects.


When the PBX disconnects a call because of one-way audio

When the PBX disconnects a call because it could not be established

When the PBX received a BYE message and did not receive media just before the BYE


These emails would have to SIP log to show if the call was disconnected by the user or PBX disconnects them because of no-audio etc/

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