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GXP2000 series Random 1-way Audio or No Connect


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We are using GXP-2000 and GXP-2020 (f/w: phones with pbxnsip ( and have run into an issue that has been occuring sporadiaclly in version 2.x of pbxnsip. Every so often, when a person answers a call, the caller cannot hear the the person on the GXP, but the GXP user can hear the caller. Hanging up and having the caller re-call then works. This is in-frequent and tough to troubleshoot. We use the 711 codec on all devices and these extensions are connected to the same network as the server with pbxnsip.


Another similar issue is that sometimes when a GXP user tries to place a call, nothing will happen. Hanging up and trying again will work. The phones are registered correctly and I cannot find any lost packets or other issues on the network.


The only thing I suspect is that the pbxnsip server has a local netowrk connection and a connection to the DMZ for allowing ourside phones to connect. Since there does not appear to be any controls in pbxnsip for the dual netowrk connections, is it possible pbxnsip is getting confused with the dual network connections? I've dissabled the DMZ connection for now to see if this still occurs.


Any ideas?

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