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ITSP trunk not registering


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Our customer is using pbxnsip version (Win32). We added an ITSP trunk of a service provider. The trunk is not registering with pbxnsip. We see an error "408 Request Timeout" or "500 Address Resolution Failed". Instead of the ITSP domain name (sip99.telfreesa.com) we tried using its associated IP address in the "Trunk" "domain" settings but the trunk still does not register. Looks like this ITSP trunk (sip99.telfreesa.com) can only be registered using its domain name and not its IP address.


On the same pbxnsip server we have a X lite soft phone installed and if the X lite soft phone is configured with this ITSP details then it is registering using the domain name (sip99.telfreesa.com). If the problem is related to the DNS then even X lite must not register. Right?


Below is the logs from Xlite phone when the trunk is registered and from pbxnsip not registering

Session Initiation Protocol

Request-Line: REGISTER sip:ip99.telfreesa.com SIP/2.0

Sent-by Address:

Sent-by port: 8476

Contact: <sip:877510513@;rinstance=37db45eb1e3e2192>

SIP contact address: sip:877510513@

To: "877510513"<sip:877510513@ip99.telfreesa.com>

SIP Display info: "877510513"

SIP to address: sip:877510513@ip99.telfreesa.com

From: "877510513"<sip:877510513@ip99.telfreesa.com>;tag=35636f48

User-Agent: X-Lite release 1011s stamp 41150


Status-Line: SIP/2.0 200 OK

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-d87543-a714d3205d328f73-1--d87543-;rport=32995;received=

Record-Route: <sip:infinet.4.1d8a2ec4.5070.citymoon@;lr>

Server: CityMoon SIP/

User-Agent: CityMoon SIP/



PBX Logs:

[9] 2007/12/14 10:09:40: Resolve destination 1: url sip:sip99.telfreesa.com

[9] 2007/12/14 10:09:40: Resolve destination 1: naptr sip99.telfreesa.com

[9] 2007/12/14 10:09:42: SIP Rx udp:

[8] 2007/12/14 10:10:00: DNS: Add dns_naptr sip99.telfreesa.com (ttl=3600)

[9] 2007/12/14 10:10:00: Resolve destination 1: naptr sip99.telfreesa.com

[9] 2007/12/14 10:10:00: Resolve destination 1: srv tls _sips._tcp.sip99.telfreesa.com

5] 2007/12/14 10:10:10: Registration on trunk 12 (SIP_TRUNK_ITSP) failed. Retry in 60 seconds

[2] 2007/12/14 10:10:10: Trunk status SIP_TRUNK_ITSP (12) changed to "408 Request Timeout" (Registration failed, retry after 60 seconds)

[8] 2007/12/14 10:10:19: DNS: Add dns_srv _sips._tcp.sip99.telfreesa.com (ttl=3600)

[4] 2007/12/14 10:10:19: Could not find packet with number -1





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There must be a problem with the DNS server. It takes 20 seconds to resolve one DNS entry, which looks like a timeout to me...


You can make the DNS resolving process faster by putting the port number behind the DNS address, then it will only attempt "plain" DNS address types, no DNS NAPTR and SRV.


Make sure to use the outbound proxy, then you can even put the IP address in - the registrar will not know about it.

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