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Snom one with S821 and Vision


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Hello all,


I have a snome one configured with snom 821 phone and I try to add a snom vision for BLF.



if on the snom vision I configure the button as BLF and as params <sip:USER@SNOMIP;user=phone> then when the USER is bussy the button change to RED but at the end of the call he stay red.


if I configure on the snom one web interface a BLF button and I use this button in the vison (with type button and not BLF) then on the vision all is ok (button come RED during a call and he is switched off after the call) but the phone display the vistual key screen and no idea how to disable the display of the virtual screen.


regarding the snom visio I have also problem to configure it, many times I change the config from the web interface, select save but nothing is saved !!


any idea ?





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with the beta , now the led is no more remining red but I see 2 problem.


when a phone is ringing the led don't blink on the vision .

when a phone is in call and the led is red, the snom phone change the view to display all blf / key event they is key configured.


any idea.



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