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Install pbx on embedded device


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I represent a company that developes embedded devices.

Currently our company is developing a new piece of hardware. A device will have routing, Wi-Fi, DHCP, DNS, IPTV, USB storage devices support, faxes, printers, DECT phones and other features.

Among other features, we are going to implement VoIP functionality.

We are planning to build a system on a RTL8954C SoC. It carries an RLX5281 MIPS CPU with the clock rate up to 620MHz. It also carries a set of DSP co-processors designed to solve VoIP tasks.

We are looking for a complete VoIP middleware solution to solve following tasks:

SIP User Agents for one FXO, two FXS ports, and up to 4 DECT phones;

A Stateful SIP Proxy server;

SIP Registrar;


Calls logging and billing;

As we have few powerfull DSP co-processors, it's critical for us to support them.

Could you please answer few our questions?

1. Does your middleware solve all the problems listed above? If no, could you please estimate development time for missing features?

2. Is it possible to compile your code for MIPS architecture? We use a regular MIPS toolchain.

3. Does your library happen to support DSP co-processors that are carried by RTL8954C SoC? If no, could you estimate cost of missing drivers development?

Please note, that it is not critical for us to have any kind of Web Interface – we are going to implement our own.

As an alternative to the SoC listed above, we have an option of using a more powerful 1GHz (or >1GHz) processor (ARM or other) without any DSP co-processors. In this case, all VoIP functionality will be executed on the CPU. Have you done any benchmarks of CPU usage for 7 simultaneous VoIP connections? (audio encoding/decoding, RTP streaming, etc.)

Thanks a lot!


Best regards,


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We have the PBX running on the Marvell Armada chipset, which is ARM based and there it works very well. There you can have 10 G.729A transcoding sessions in parallel. Especially because modern codecs like Speex, Silk, RTA are not very DSP friendly, I would not over estimate the availbility of a DSP. This Marvell chipset does not have a DSP subsystem; so thats something that we would have to take care about. As long as there is a toolchain available (and Linux) it should be easy to comiple the PBX for the target architecture.


Anyway, for such kind of questions, it is probably better to have such discussions on private; please send a private message to pbx support and then we'll take it from there.

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