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Creating a Best Practices within this Forum


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Based upon our experiences and what I read within this forum, I think it would be appropriate and helpful if a Best Practices Forum was created. The technical features of PBXnSIP are many and when left for everyone to figure out, the solutions and setups of these are going to very greatly.


Based upon things learned in training, we are going to redeploy our installations before doing more. Establishing some basic guidelines early will make things easier in the future.


Standard Extension Numbers

Standard AutoAttendent Numbers

Standard Service Flag Numbering and usage

Using internal FQDN vs. IP address Registrations

Using ENUM DNS recommendations

End User TIPs sheets


there is just so much to consider, and a wealth of questions in the forums all suggesting that some standard best practices should be adopted by all in order to make this a better product.


Maybe it gets started by creating the Best Practices Forum and we as a group post things that we are all doing, not as an answer to a question, but as a potential tip to others.



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