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I overestimated my ability to bluff my way through setting this up. My re-seller has disappeared and I have tried to find someone to hire to help me get it working but have had no luck.


We are using the free one pbx. We have 6 accounts, all setup. We have a SIP provider and the trunk is configured. We can call out, but not in and none of the phones will register. I have spent hours trying to solve this. It may be due to the location of the pbx machine within our network on that the comcast router isn't appropriate, but I am at a loss.


I have tried SNOM support and they just tell me to look on the forums or call a re-seller. No re-seller has been interested in helping since i didn't buy through them. Someone must be out there who will.


I am about to ship all of them back coz they are just pretty paperweights at he moment.


Does anyone on this forum do set up over remote desktop.

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Ouch. If you can send me a private message with the RDP information we can find someone who can take a quick look how big the damage is.


The forum went down it seems.


My RDP info is as follows.


the username is: helper


I can sent the password when we are ready to work on this.


Thank you for any help you might provide...it as been a time sink.

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