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Registering an external extension


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I have successfully set up a SnomOne Soho and a number of extensions. My next step is to try registering an extension

across the internet (at my home for example). I have read over the manual carefully but it does not appear clear to me how to do this.

Would someone be able to provide straight forward guide on how to do this?

I am using Snom 360 phones.

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Take a look at this: http://wiki.snomone....rver_Behind_NAT. The point is that you need routable addresses for the PBX, for TCP and also for UDP traffic. The addresses can be IPv4 public IP addresses, IPv6 addresses, VPN addresses, whatever. As long as the snom 360 can reach out to the PBX you are in good shape.


The snom ONE mini has only one physical Ethernet port. However that does not stop you from adding more interfaces. In Linux, you can add more IP addresses and adjust the routing table accordingly. For that you need to SSH into the box; the web interface does not give you the convenience for that. The good news is that the box runs a standard debian distribution, and you can look the documentation up on debian.org.


If you want a simple solution, you can just put the whole box on public IP. Make sure that you dont see any warning signs in the accounts web page (trivial passwords), so that no friendly scanner will latch onto accounts.

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