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daily call log format


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Our telco provider does not provide naming into on the incoming caller ID. As such the daily call logs look like this:



16:14 I unknown-caller-name (5553908711) 70 5553908711 03:24



Is there a way to eliminate the "unknown-caller-name" string from the log and leave only the phone number?


We are running a snomone+ 2011- with a sangoma E1 card





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If changing the format is not possible, is there a way to include the full display of the admin call log into the daily call log email?


As an example, the daily call log email show this infer for a call:


18:52 I 5558760384 6101 5558760384 18:57



An this is the same call as displayed by the admin call log on the web interface:


2012/02/05 6:52P 5558760384 6101(8912) 18:57 Trunk Analog



The last one includes the Trunk and way much more important for our clients, the directed extension the call was transfers (ext 6101 is a hunt group)

From the first one, the information is really useless as our client only sees an incoming call to the hunt group where if we had the full info, they can see that extension 8912 handled this incoming call.


Anyway we can include this info the in the daily calls email?



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