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Mutiple GSM Gateway : trunk load balancing

Jeremy Salmon

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I have 4 GSM Gateway with 36 hours of communication on each SIM.


GSM gateway are connected to a Patton SN4114 with one trunk for each port (TRUNK_GSM_1, TRUNK_GSM_2, ...)


I search a solution to make "load balancing" between each Trunk because I can't detect when I have no credit on a SIM card ...


Idea 1 : make call cycling (call 1 on trunk 1, call 2 on trunk 2, etc ...) from snom ONE (not from the Patton)

Idea 2 : use an "outbound credit" on trunk not extension ... Is it possible ?


Other idea or solution ?


Thanks in advance,





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Hi Mr X,


Thanks for your response.


I know the Failover mecanism of trunk. My problem is when I have no credit on a SIM it's not a fault .... No busy tone or anything else ... Just a voice with "you have no credit to make this call ...."

I use failover to pass on 2nd, 3rd SIM, ... when previous is busy.


I think I have to dev a small plugin :

- Make a sum of total call duration on trunk_x between 01/mm/yyy and now()

- Check if SIM duration > total call duration

- Update xml of dialplan to remove trunk if not


I think I have to put it on a cron ....


or can I launght an app on each hangup ?



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