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Since pbxnsip is now under snom instead of separate company, is the hosted version gone? I don't really see it under the snom one website.. The snom one only does 5 companies, and doesn't give the impression that it is setup for a hosted environment with multiple endpoints/companies. If it is still available are new development/enhancements ongoing or is it frozen at the last release when the hosting option was available under pbxnsip.


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We have set up a special hosting license type for those who like to run snom ONE on behalf of their clients and some of them are already on version 5 (for those who read license agreements, this includes the permission to run the service hosted). This license type is metered (post-paid), and we now even have the infrastructure to perform automatic billing. For those who don't even want run snom ONE on their own premises, we are working on a cooperation with a fabric where customers can click to get their own service in the cloud and we even go one step further and offer domains for rent in a colocation.


Anyway, if you are interested, send us a private mail.

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