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Hunt Group From-Header options


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We are using multiple incoming numbers witch each their own hunt group. There are a few central phones wich are placed in several hunt groups. The person picking up the phone should answer with a according greeting matching the incoming number.


The current possibilities are:

- Show Group Name (Works)

- Show Calling Party Name (Works, from resolving by global address book)


We would like to have a combination of both:

- Show Group Name + Calling Party Name


It this possible ?



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That should be already supported if you choose "Group Name(Calling Name)" option. Note that what is displayed on the phone could be dependent on the display size of the phone. But the INVITE to the phone should have hunt group name, name from the incoming INVITE and number from the incoming INVITE.


This is unfortunately not the case :(

Please have a look at the Invite and let me know what is missing.


For privacy reasons following information is replaced:

%PBXIP% = Internal IP from SnomOne PBX

%MOBNUM% = My Mobile phonenumber for test (number is present in PBX Adress Book in multiple formats)

%PBXNUM% = Phone number of PBX

%PROVSIPSRV% = Server Adress of SIP Provider (from incoming Trunk)


INVITE sip:600@%PBXIP%:1035;transport=tls;line=sqmkp8ek SIP/2.0

v: SIP/2.0/TLS %PBXIP%:5061;branch=z9hG4bK-e0a8212dd259f76a1ac8a405e60e40da;rport

f: "HuntGroup1" <sip:%MOBNUM%@%PROVSIPSRV%;user=phone>;tag=11998

t: <sip:%PBXNUM%@%PROVSIPSRV%;user=phone>

i: 43430db0@pbx

CSeq: 10737 INVITE

Max-Forwards: 70

m: <sip:600@%PBXIP%:5061;transport=tls>

Supported: 100rel, replaces, norefersub

Allow-Events: refer


Accept: application/sdp

User-Agent: snom-PBX/2011-

c: application/sdp

l: 315




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I assume this is the INVITE from PBX to Hunt extension. Can you post the INVITE that is received by the PBX, or simply, post the full SIP log?


At this moment it is difficult to get a complete log, i will get it soon.


I did not assume the problem could be related to the incoming invite because the Hunt Group setting "Show Calling Party Name" does actually work. The Hunt Group member shows the resolved name of the caller. What could be the relation between incoming Invite and the option "Show Group Name + Calling Party Name" ?



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