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Domail area code setting


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I have a 3 trunk set up in Perth Western Australia.


I have configured the domain settings for county code 61 and area code 08


I found my system unable to complete a call to any number starting with 13 which is a very common business number in Australia. After hours of testing I finally found that it was the area code setting in the domain settings that caused this problem and with that removed it now functions correctlty.


I', posting this because I believe there is a bug and also to ask what this setting is for and if it is needed?

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BTW, do you generally dial 6108xxxxx.... or 618xxxxx..... when you try to reach those numbers.


13 numbers in Australia are a local call only charge for callers. No area code is required to dial them. So for standard STD calling to Perth (08) from another region (say NSW 02) the caller uses 08 then the local number. For 13xxxx or 1300xxxxxx the caller doesn't require area code. International callers use 618xxxx and as far as I know 13 numbers are unavailable to international callers.

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