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sangoma a200 caller id problem


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We are using netborder express (a200 analog) on snom one plus. We can't get caller id information on incoming calls. We have FCT analog cellular gateways connected to sangoma ports. I already tried to connect analog phone to fct directly, and i can see caller id on the analog phone. Also when we connect these FCTs to another systems like Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office, caller id is working fine. You can find the information about FCT in the link below.




Log file i got from sangoma is in the attachment. I already talked with sangoma support and they said that i have to talk with provider :/


Can you please help us in this case?


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if your unit is sending the CID and sangoma does not detect it, I would open a ticket with the vendor and sangoma and extract the logs from your "FCT analog cellular gateway"


Even before sangoma generates the invite they're getting the following.






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