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trunks started failing with sip 400 "multiple privacy headers"


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trunks started failing at 9am today with sip 400 "multiple privacy headers" on outgoing calls.

We are using Nexvortex as the provider.

Anyone have any ideas what this might point to?


snom ONE 4.5.


We changed nothing in snom ONE and it started failing so suspect sip trunk provider, but provider say look at pbx.

Any ideas?



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INVITE sip:17173309610@nexvortex.com;user=phone SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-cf8133f6717e4f5d15da384335aeff85;rport

From: "Sheldon Kilmer" <sip:7177330793@localhost;user=phone>;tag=58688

To: <sip:17173309610@localhost;user=phone>

Call-ID: c40575e1@pbx

CSeq: 7948 INVITE

Max-Forwards: 70

Contact: <sip:landis2@;transport=udp>

Supported: 100rel, replaces, norefersub

Allow-Events: refer


Accept: application/sdp

User-Agent: snom-PBX/2011- Alpha Monocerotids

P-Preferred-Identity: "Sheldon Kilmer" <sip:125@localhost>

Privacy: id

P-Charging-Vector: icid-value=;icid-generated-at=;orig-ioi=localhost

Content-Type: application/sdp

Content-Length: 339



o=- 34084 34084 IN IP4


c=IN IP4

t=0 0

m=audio 57240 RTP/AVP 0 8 9 18 2 3 101

a=rtpmap:0 pcmu/8000

a=rtpmap:8 pcma/8000

a=rtpmap:9 g722/8000

a=rtpmap:18 g729/8000

a=fmtp:18 annexb=no

a=rtpmap:2 g726-32/8000

a=rtpmap:3 gsm/8000

a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000

a=fmtp:101 0-16




here is the fail:


[5] 2012/03/20 14:01:47: SIP Rx udp:xxx{i masked this}.23.129.253:5060:

SIP/2.0 400 Multiple Privacy headers

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-1129217e81b3f88a8972560f90a165fb;rport=5060

From: "Sheldon Kilmer" <sip:7177330793@localhost;user=phone>;tag=58688

To: <sip:17173309610@localhost;user=phone>;tag=aprqngfrt-hvgrd8300o7q0

Call-ID: c40575e1@pbx

CSeq: 7949 INVITE

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I do not see multiple privacy headers here. But if it was working till, say, yesterday with the same settings, then I highly doubt PBX started sending extra stuff without any modifications.


On the other hand, you can turn off the following lines by choosing "Don't use header" for "P-Charging-Vector:" and "Privacy Indication:", just to see if they changed anything since yesterday.

Privacy: id
P-Charging-Vector: icid-value=;icid-generated-at=;orig-ioi=localhost

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