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pb with upgrade 4.5


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hello, i would like to move to the last version of snom one SOHO but before i execute the "soho-snomfrance.sh" from http://www.snomone-soho.fr/'>http://www.snomone-soho.fr/

and after i upgrade i ve got a lot of pb like this picture :snompb1.jpg

the template are not complete.

i do the same update on a soho where i don't execute the "soho-snomfrance.sh" from http://www.snomone-soho.fr and everything is ok


how can i put my soho like new one


file : soho-snomfrance.sh


cd /usr/local/

cp -r ./snomONE ./snomONE.sav

rm -r ./snomONE

wget -r ftp://snomonesoho:snomonesoho@

mv /usr/local/ /usr/local/snomONE

chmod 777 ./snomONE

cd /usr/local/snomONE

ln -s snomONE- snomONE-ctrl

chmod -R a+rwx *

rm -rf ./snomfrance

ftp -n <<End-of-Session

user snomonesoho snomonesoho

cd snomfrance

get interfaces



cp /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.sav

chmod 777 ./interfaces

cp ./interfaces /etc/network/interfaces

rm ./interfaces

/etc/init.d/networking restart

/etc/init.d/snomONE stop

/etc/init.d/snomONE start

exit 0

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