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EPID Frequency Probability


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Good Day!



I'm curious about the frequency probability of EPID generation across several PBXs.



If we were to have many unique instances of snom ONE running as their own, independent call server, how likely is it for an EPID to repeat?


I know that statistically speaking, there is a one in ten billion chance of an EPID repeating. Having said that, since there is not a truly good way of generating random number, my question references more specifically the algorithm snom ONE is using.



If we had ten instances of snom ONE running across ten separate servers, let's say all of these snom ONE instances send calls to an e911 provider through a single SIP gateway.



When the e911 provider called back into our SIP gateway and we search all ten servers for the EPID, how likely is it that the EPID would be a duplicate and the call would route to the wrong endpoint?





Thank You!

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It all depends on the random number generator. But even if you have the same number, it should be no problem between different systems. As far as I understood the system, the EPID is a identifier inside ONE system and for that the randomness should be super sufficient.


The content in the working directory is all XML. If should be possible to make a quick check if there is any overlap.

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