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SPA3000 configuration


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PROBLEM: Does not work consistantly when trying to make call from Hosted PBXnSIP via SPA3000 FXO where Pbxnsip and the SPA3000 are on different LAN/Network


Here is comfiguration.


1. Configured SPA to communicate via FXO in both directions

2. SPA3000 is behind NAT

3. Hosted Pbxnsip is not behind NAT




1. SPA3000 line 1 works well as extension receive calls and make calls to other extensions.

2. SPA3000 PSTN works consistantly only in 1 direction- receives calls from PSTN and onpasses to Pbxnsip for processing.

3. PROBLEM: Does not work consistantly when trying to make call out from pbxnsip to spa3000 FXO.


I have the PSTN line registering, and dial plan set to call extension, but if I try to call it from another extension, I sometimes get 503 Service Unavailable and sometimes I get second stage dial tone for FXO.


Any advise?

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I would recommend to track the registration stability by email. In 2.1.3/4/5 you can let the PBX send an email out when the registration status of an extension changes. That was extremly useful to track registration problems down in other installations.


There can be a lot of reasons. If you can, try a different router. Some routers tend to get instable if there are too many UDP ports open.

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