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Grandstream HT701 - incoming call waiting call mutes original call

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We are using Centos, PBXNSIP Hosted Pro + ver



Using a Grandstream HT701 ATA:

The call waiting doesn't work like it should - I could be on a call talking and then I receive a call waiting beep and I can also see the incoming caller id but while this call waiting call is ringing my HT701 I can no longer hear or speak with the person I was originally speaking with - soon as the call waiting caller gives up(or call goes to voicemail) and stops calling I can now hear and speak with my original person....we never got disconnected just muted while the call waiting caller was trying to call my HT701.



This is my setup:


1. HT701 registered to a PBXNSIP account - the account uses a dial plan - the dial plan uses it's own trunk.


2. The trunk is setup as SIP Proxy, inbound/outbound, generic sip server, username and password for the account in my sip proxy server, proxy ip address, lock codec = no, strict rtp = no, generate unique = no, accept redirect = no, interpret sip uri = yes, requires busy tone = no, trunk requires out of band = yes, global=no, RFC3325(P-Asserted-Identity), no failover, is secure=no, inter-office=no, ringback =media, force local=no.



I can make and receive calls and the call quality is excellent, dtmf works, caller id works.


Here's the weird part - I can bypass PBXNSIP and just register my HT701 to my voip proxy server with the exact same settings untouched and everything works 100% correctly - the ring pattern is normal and even the call waiting beep doesn't mute my conversation with my original party.


So one would think the problem is a setting in PBXNSIP that needs to be tweaked and that might be the case but all my Cisco SPA2102 and PAP2-NT's work with PBXNSIP - no problems - all the trunk settings are the same.


I do have a wireshark trace of the HT701 registered to PBXNSIP with the above call example and a trace with the HT701 registered to my voip proxy server with the above call example. I also have a PBXNSIP log level 8 file for the HT701 registered to PBXNSIP call. I'm not knowledgeable enough to see any problems in these pcap trace files. If any of the SNOMONE techs can take a look at them I would appreciate it - I can PM the pcap files or PM a link for you to download them.


If anyone else has come across this call waiting problem before please post.


Thanks again.

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....correction to my posted problem.


When the incoming call waiting call is ringing my HT701 I reported that my current call is muted which is correct but only on my side is it muted - the person I was speaking with can still hear me but I can't hear them until the call waiting caller gives up or goes to voicemail.

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The Engineers over at Grandstream said this:


"I managed to reproduce the issue not only on a PBX that provides early media, but also on other PBXs that do not. I have filed this bug and it should be fixed soon. We will keep you posted on this and let you know when we have a build ready for you to test. Thank you."



Earlier this morning they said after looking at my pcap logs that it might be an early media problem - looks like they confirmed this.


The HT701 is one of their newer models...I have some HT502's coming tomorrow which has different firmware, I'll test and report if it has the same bug.

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Grandstream just released firmware ver beta for the HT701 which fixes the call waiting bug.


I confirmed the new firmware does fix the call waiting bug for SnomOne.

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