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We utilize 2 trunks, one for our POTS lines, the other for Broadvoice. Say we call a buisness that utilizes an autoattendant (from our pots line trunk) we can navigate through their autoattendant no problem. However if we call that same company only using our broadvoice trunk we can't seem to navigate the autoattendant, its almost like the options we are pressing aren't being transmitted. Is this something that we need to configure in the pbx or is it a broadvoice problem?

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If you hear the AA prompts using Broadvoice and AA is not acting on the DTMF digits, then one of 2 possibilities -

  1. DTMF digits are not being sent to PBX.
  2. AA is not detecting the DTMF.


If you turn the Log Media events to 7, you should see some DTMF logs on the PBX. That will at least show if we are seeing DTMFs from the trunk. Of course, best thing to do is to take packet trace to check the DTMF is being received on the interface.

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