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Received calls not translating to address book names


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Hi, we've just started migrating from Entanet to Voipfone, and it wasn't until I'd ported a number over that I realised I'm no longer getting the names of people calling, just their numbers. I suspect that Voipfone are sending through both a name and number in the SIP message, but don't know how to check this, and also don't know how to fix it if that is the case. Any ideas on what I can do?




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I realised on re-reading my post that I wasn't particularly specific - when I dial in on an Entanet VOIP Enrich trunk from my mobile phone (which is in the domain address book), it comes up with my name as the person who is calling. When I dial in on the Voipfone trunk from my mobile, it shows the number only, not the name lookup from the address book.


I've enabled logging, and can't see any difference between the "From" field in the SIP messages, and it looks like it's coming across properly, but the number isn't found in the address book for the Voipfone trunk, where it is for the Entanet trunk.




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