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Auto Attendant Fax Help


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Hi Folks,


We're trying to set up the AA to redirect faxes to a fax extension. This is the Setup: PSTN feeds to a Patton 4114, which is a functioning trunk on the Snom One. The fax machine is plugged into an ATA gateway (Linksys PAP2T), which is properly registered with the PBX. After some finagling with the PAP2T, I can fax directly from the PSTN to the fax extension (I had a friend send a fax, and I routed his number to the fax extension based on his CID). This works fine. However, when dialing in to the main number where the auto attendant picks up, the auto attendant does not transfer the fax to the extension. For what it's worth, when I'm sending a fax from the PSTN, I believe I hear the CNG tone while the line is ringing, but not after the AA picks up (not sure about this though). Additionally, if I send a test fax from an internet fax service like freefaxbutton or similar, the AA routes that to the fax extension and it comes through fine. Any ideas?




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Thanks for the link. Yes I did set up my auto attendants per the documentation. As I mentioned internet fax services are routed correctly, it seems just that a physical fax machine on an analog line is not working. Any ideas? Thanks so much.



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