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Call Transfer Direct to VM


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We are currently running Coma Berenicids


Our extensions are in the 4xx range, our VM prefix is 3


In older versions (4.3) of the PBX we could setup BLF buttons on our phones that would have a value of say 3405 and if we were on a call and they wanted voicemail for extension 405 we could either hit transfer and hit the button that was set to 3405 or we could hit transfer, type 3405 and hit check, that worked without problems, we have also tried setting this as a "speeddial" button and it does similar to the blf option


with this version (and i belive the version before it) with the same setup the system does this:

= When using the transfer -> blf button approach, the system comes back after a few seconds on my end of the call and says "this feature is not available at this time", the call does however actually get the users voicemail box


= When using the transfer -> 3405 Check approach, the phone (720) shows on the screen that the call is on hold, if you press the hold button it plays the message "this feature is not available at this time", the call does go to the voicemailbox


= When using the transfer -> speeddial button approach, the system gives you a dialtone and if you hang up the handset or end speaker phone it comes back with the "this feature is not available" message, call does go to the voicemailbox


The caller doesnt hear the "this feature is not available" audio they just get the normal voicemail prompt for the user


Is there something were doing wrong setup wise or is this just going to be the way it works now??


we run a hosted pbx and we do have some customers using this type of functionality, right now they are running on the older version ( where this works without issue, but more of our customers are wanting 7xx series phones and we need to switch them over to the new server running the 4.5 versions for the 7xx phones to work.


Basically the functionality we are looking for is:

1) I picked up a call that came into our office

2) Spoke with caller and found that they need to talk to PersonX (ext 405)

3) PersonX doesnt want to talk to them but wants them to leave VM, so we need to transfer caller DIRECTLY to PersonX's voicemail, so PersonX's phone isnt ringing for the next 30 seconds

4) We hit transfer button on phone, then press programmable button for PersonX VM and caller goes directly to PersonX's VM

5) hang up phone

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The only way that I know of to transfer a call to another extension without ringing that extension is to put an 8 in front of the persons ext.


So if the persons ext is 345 you would press transfer then pres 8345 - sends caller directly into voicemail without ringing phone.


The 8 setting is in your Domain settings page called "Mailbox Direct Dial Prefix: 8"

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I think the transfer to mailbox still happens/works. But we did some "intelligent" thing in the case of the blind transfer to provide more control to the transferor. PBX does not hangup the transferor automatically like it used to do before. Seems like that created this situation when you transfer the call directly to VM.


We will take care of this issue in the future versions.

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