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Wish List - Human Readable Configuration File


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More than once, I've resorted to copy / paste(special) text only the accounts pages into a spreadsheet to create some system documentation for reference purposes. It would very useful to be able to export the accounts information into a CSV file for reference purposes. XML files just don't compute, and wouldn't it be great to be able to reimport the accounts setting from the very same CSV file too. Yes I understand the full template process, but that doesn't account for first name last name, cell phones, etc...

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Maybe it would make sense to work on the shell scripts that pull out the neccessary information from the file system? Okay, would be only a solution for Linux...


What about the Win systems? let's not force cygwin onto windows just to get reports. What about then saving accounts to an FTP site? We can put an ftp site up and backup all clients to a central location. Easy is better...

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Maybe we should come up with a use case list, and sort it by importance. I don't think that we can come up with a generic "solves all" solution, so lets take it from the user/admin perspective.


I'm not sure what a use case List is, but from a user admin perspective then an export / import accounts functions is recommended. Being able to give a client an excel spreadsheet to type in all the stuff gives them documentation and make the setup job far easier.

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