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I have setup my Snomone with CMC codes which records the outgoing CMC codes no problem but how do I record a CMC codes to a incoming call I have 720 handsets and i tried to setup a CMC button but i dont get that option in the handset please help


Also my customer has asked if there is a way of setting up a table off CMC codes in the system and if a staff member enters the wrong CMC codes (outside the table) the system will reject the call? as they are worried about staff entering wrong CMC codes




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I know it is possible to setup CMC codes in the address book but thats not my question can you please answer my question


1. setting up a CMC table for outgoing calls

2. setting up a CMC button on the handset to capture a incoming call





I came across this: http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/cmc_feature

but I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to implement this.

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