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CDR Sending VIA ADSL provider USING SSL sending


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AT&T, US largest DSL provider will soon require that all email sent from an DSL user account must be sent with the from address matching the master onfile email account. No big deal to match this, but they are also eliminating PORT 25 as the sender and using SSL in it's place. This will disable or require a small remote office to have their own SMTP mail sender. the chhanges are;


Change the SMTP port to 465 and check the option labeled Use an encrypted

connection (SSL).

Change the POP3 port to 995 and check the option labeled Use an encrypted

connection (SSL).


To get access to port 25, you now must accept a waiver and the fine print is legaleaze and I'm sure it's in their favor.

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Well, the PBX already has TLS (which is compatible with SSL3.0). Maybe it is time to "upgrade" the email client to TLS.


If it helps to reduce the number of SPAM, we will be happy to help.


The logic in my note... A client purchases a cs410 and it's installed in a remote office and the owner of the business want's the daily CDR files sent to his email address that is beyond our control. Perhaps his personal email address like Boss@gmail.com. The way I see it from a practical standpoint the only easy to implement sending is to use the ADSL accessible SMTP server. When selling CS410's to small businesses this is going to be a great selling point, and it will not be practical or cost affective to add tls encryption to every mail server just to recieve daily CDR files. How about posting the daily CDR files into the FTP directory?

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It would be easier to POST them using HTTP.


Post them Where?

I'm fearful the smaller clients getting 410's or small servers without internal exchange we will be installing and forced to use the ISP SMTP server will in the near future (end of year) be clobbered by the ISP's shutdown of port 25 and migration to ssl email in the anti-spam battles. My Home DSL is ATT and twice in the last 8 months they've closed port 25 even though I've signed the waiver... Not good for business use and not a lot of choices in certain areas. I suppose if we are using Win or Linux we can install an SMTP server, force the client to Static IP's, create a legitimateDNS record..We'll see how this shapes up.

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