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Telco recording in VM


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We have a client who has a Sangoma A200 with 4 FXO ports (3 in use). About 12 extensions, and simple daytime call routing - calls come in, go to ring group, if unanswered for 20 seconds, they go to the voicemail of ext 200.


A few days ago, the voicemail seemingly stopped recording messages - the use would be prompted to record, hang up, and the voicemail would never appear. I cleaned up the extension, and replaced the voicemail greeting. Upon testing it now, the VM seemingly records and the handset is alerted, but upon listening to the voicemail, the recording is of 'If you would like to make a call, please hang up...', proceeded by off-hook sounds.


I'm curious if this may be being caused by a configuration issue in the Sangoma.


I currently have 'Connect Inbound Side Condition' set to 'ON-OUTBOUNDSIDE-CONNECTED' but...


We are seeing an error on the Gateway of 'Could not start early media sine inboundcallhandling connectinboundsidecondition is not set to ON-OUTBOUND-SIDE-MEDIA-AVAILABLE. Please change this parameter to that value in the pstn configuration file if you want to let the early media flowing between the pstn and sip sides'


I recall during the setup of this unit that these parameters had to be changed in order to get two way audio from the beginning of the call.


No settings were changed on the gateway, so I'm curious if this is a gateway issue or something inside the PBX.


Anyone have any thoughts?

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