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Running Snom ONE on our File Server?


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We are a small Graphic Design group and we will be upgrading our file server from an old G5 Xserve to a new MacMini running OS X Mountain Lion Server. This computer will typically have less than 5 users connected to it at any given time (using file sharing over AFP). It'll only be running a few services like VPN, AFP, VNC and is used almost solely as a file server with designers accessing files from it but running the applications (Like Photoshop etc) on their client machines. Our phone system consists of 5 Snom 821's.


My question is threefold:

1. Is Snom ONE currently compatible with Mountain Lion Server? (We currently run 2011- Coma Berenicids on a Mac Mini running OS 10.6.8)

2. Would there be any problem using our file server to also be the Snom One PBX server?

3. Assuming this will work, what is the easiest way to migrate our setup to the new server? Can I simply copy the whole Snom One directoty to the new machine and change the appropriate IP numbers, or...?


I'm currently running Snom One on my desktop MacMini and it seems to do just fine even when I'm doing other tasks on my machine. The CPU usage graphs also seem to indicate that Snom One is using only a tiny bit of CPU horsepower. I'd prefer to have just one office server to manage and to not have to buy a dedicated computer just for the PBX.


Thanks and sorry about the multi-faceted question!

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"In theory" it should work... However, couple of comments.


1) I would say, there is a good probability that it works. Not being the biggest Max OS expert I would assume that Mountain Lion is reasonably backward compatible to 10.6.8; at least we did not use any dirty tricks on the OS level to have the PBX working.


2) Probably from a CPU perspective, this would be actually okay as the process is supposed to run in another ring that file services usually do. Also actions like fetching files happen in the PBX in seperate threads that can deal with delay. My worry would be more in network bursts, e.g. when the user stores large bitmaps with 50 MB on the file server. That might just take all the bandwidth on the cable to the server, and also I assume that the network card might be choking for a couple of ms.


3) Right, a directory copy is the way to go. However, you must install the service first, so that the PBX automatically starts up in the beginning. I would just make a fresh installation on the new server, verify that it starts the PBX after a reboot, and then copy the working directory over. If your license is MAC-based (MAC address, not MAC computer :rolleyes: ) you might have to call the sales team and ask them to issue a new license key. Ideally you have used DNS in you installation, so that you dont have to change IP addresses :P .

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Great, thank you so much for the response. Sounds like I will be giving it a try at least. We're running the free version so I can always just re-download it if I run into any license issues.


So I assume the new installation would create a whole new 'blank' directory and I would just trash that folder and replace it with a copy of the working directory we are currently using?

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So I assume the new installation would create a whole new 'blank' directory and I would just trash that folder and replace it with a copy of the working directory we are currently using?


Yes, you might want to pay attention to the PBX executable to make sure that you have the latest version. But apart from that you can just copy & paste the PBX working directory.

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