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illegal extension?


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Well..this is a new one.


Here is an email a client just sent to me?


Thank you, Tim. I do appreciate it. I also wanted to mention that I

was on the phone with someone from the Harold Alfond Foundation and she

said she received a message telling her:


You are on an illegal extension. Please hang up and dial again.


She never even dialed my extension; she was simply on hold from calling

the front office.


I had never heard of this message before, that's why I thought you

should be aware of it.



Anyone come across this before?

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Hmm. Is that the exact prompt? Check the audio_en directory - AFAIK there is no such message available.


your answer does not help me, I cant say if thats the EXACT phrase. Is there a such thing as an illegal extension? She goth this message while she was on HOLD.

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Well, you can get the message that an extension does not exist when you enter something in the auto attendant. But the auto attendant does not play music on hold and does not ask you to hang up. Therefore, it could be that this message comes from somewhere else.


the caller was on hold waiting for the receptionist to find her party when she recieved this message.

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