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Connection limitation


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We've been steadily rolling out our SnomONE hosted solution (been working great). A few days ago, we crossed the mark of 100 remote extensions being registered. We got to 106, and seem to have hit a brick wall. No subsequent registrations can be made. We can un-register an extension, and the previously non-register-able extension right next to it at the remote site will suddenly register.


Is there a possible hidden limit somewhere that is not readily visible in the system status tab?


We rebooted the PBX and upgraded it to the latest build this evening with the same results afterwards.


Also will to consider that it might be a limitation of our Firewall (Sonicwall NSA 2400 MX), OS (CentOS 64), etc. Just seems like way to clean of a number (see below: active SIP sessions=100).



Version: Epsilon Geminids (CentOS64)

Created on: Jun 19 2012 08:24:50

License Status: snom ONE Hosted <...>

License Duration: Permanent

Additional license information: Extensions: 168/500 Upgrade: 12 19 2013

Working Directory: /usr/local/snomONE

MAC Addresses: <...>

DNS Servers:

CDRs: Duration(7d): trunk = 4946, extension = 1785, ivr = 5884

Calls: Total 19/4, Active 0/0 Calls

SIP packet statistics: Tx: 73823 Rx: 74685

Emails: Successful sent: 3 Unsuccessful attempts: 0

Available file system space: 38%

Uptime: 2012/9/21 00:08:52 (uptime: 0 days 03:29:05) (96567 103215-0) WAV cache: 3

Number of HTTP sessions: Sessions: PAC=0, HTTP=1; Threads: SIP=100, HTTP=1

Domain Statistics: Total Domains: 21, Total Accounts: 329



Thanks for any assistance.

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Did you check the setting "Maximum number of SIP connections" in the admin/settings/port section?


Well, of course there's a 'don't break me' check box! Thanks for the quick reply. Based on what I'm seeing this morning, it looks like the service must be restarted in order for a change to this field to take effect?

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Did you check the setting "Maximum number of SIP connections" in the admin/settings/port section?



Hmmm....mine shows 100 for this setting but I have a lot more then 100 registered snom phones and ATA's and I have no problems. I always thought this setting was for 100 active sip/voice conversations at one time.


The manual states: "Maximum number of SIP connections: This setting limits the total number of SIP connections the system will support. This setting must be configured in busy environments where resource limitation is an issue."


Why am I not having the same problems of phones loosing their registrations like is leviticus having?

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leviticus - your status screen shows:

"Number of HTTP sessions: Sessions: PAC=0, HTTP=1; Threads: SIP=100, HTTP=1"


Your "Threads: SIP=100" is at the 100 max - this seems odd to me, mine currently shows 43 and I have more registered ATA's then you, maybe you have another problem?


Just trying to help by pointing out a couple oberservations.


I'd like to hear from the SNOM team on eaxtaly what the "Threads: SIP= " is for.

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Hi Katerina,


That link has nothing to do with leviticus problem.


The problem is leviticus "Threads: SIP: 100" is at the max of 100, he can set it higher and the problem is solved but I'm just trying to figure out why mine is only at 43 and I have more registered users then he does and I'm not having this problem.


So I was just looking for a more detailed description of what the "Threads: SIP: 100" setting is all about. What are these 100 SIP connections? Their not active calls and their not the total number of registered phones.


I just don't want to run into this problem in the near future when I add a bunch more phones.



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The overall problem is that every SIP TCP/TLS connection takes up one thread, at least with the current architecture. Every thread requires about 10 MB virtual memory space. So 100 threads are already 1 GB in the virtual memory space. While that is no problem for 64 bit, it is a problem for 32 bit (in total 2-3 GB memory space). The setting was essentially introduced as a default protection mechanism for 32 bit. It has nothing to do with licensing. Because it is a critical number we show it on the status screen.


Maybe we should set it much higher for 64 bit systems by default.

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