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Trunk Configuration for British Telecom VOIP Lines

Stinky Pete

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Hi there


I am having difficulty configuring my Snom One (installed today, so its the latest version). I have a single Snom 760 phone, which appears to be registered fine - can talk to voicemail etc.


Problem is with a Trunk configured for a BT VOIP line. Outbound calls generate a "Temporarily Unavailable [Dialled Number] message on the phone, and these log entries on the 760:



[5] 2012/09/27 13:37:41: Dialplan "Standard Dialplan": Match 01822xxxxxx@snom.convergent.co.uk to <sip:01822xxxxxx@bmnhb-03.bt.com;user=phone> on trunk BT Trunk


[5] 2012/09/27 13:37:42: INVITE Response 480 Temporarily Unavailable: Terminate 820d25b1@pbx


Inbound calls do not register in the log at all. They go immediately to BT Voicemail as if nothing was registered - but the registration seems fine on the Trunk list page:


BT Trunk (1) 05603xxxxxx www.bbvservice-560348.bt.com 200 OK (Refresh interval 25 seconds) REGISTER


If I add the BT VOIP line directly as an Identity on my Snom 760, it works fine, so the line itself is not the problem.


Thanks for any help!

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So I assume this is version 4.5 of the PBX (some build number).


I would try on the trunk to set the "Remote Party/Privacy Indication" to "No indication". Then the PBX behaves similar to a SIP phone, however you'll loose the ability to show the original caller on redirected/forked calls (e.g. when doing the cell phone twinning).



On inbound calls, you should check the setting "Send call to extension" and set it for example to the extension where your phone is registered. If that works file, you can work on directing it to the extension that was actually dialed.

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Actually, its 2011- (Win64) - this was downloaded earlier today, but I have now upgraded to the latest


Problem has changed. I now get this error dialling out:


[5] 2012/09/28 00:16:15:INVITE Response 404 Not Found: Terminate 0ed15589@pbx


Dialling in still gets no response.


One thing occurs to me - my Snom One is behind a NAT firewall. There is no public IP address for the Snom server, and I don't need external phones. The NAT translation works just fine if I register the internal SNOM 760 directly to BT. Are there special settings I need to make the trunk work with NAT?



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I think we are getting closer. I don't think that NAT is the problem here (at least not at this stage), then you would get nothing back.


Unfortunately, the SIP standard leaves a lot of options open, and every service provider in the whole wide world uses them differently :-( You probably have to use a geographical number in the from header and your authentication number in the credentials.



If you send us a private message with the login data provided to you, we can try out if we can get it working from a test system. Then after that you can change the password and start using the trunk.


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This seems to work fine:



Display Name: 05603412345

Account: 05603412345

Domain: bmnhb-03.bt.com

Username: 05603412345

Password: ************

Proxy Address: sip:www.bbvservice-560348.bt.com:5060

Send call to extension: 70

Remote Party/Privacy Indication: Remote-Party-ID


Everything else on default. The extension where to send the call is of course depending on where you want the call. 70 is usually the auto attendant.

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Guest Esiadfl

Cannot provision Polycom using with HTTP using auth. It is odd as the phone can upload the log files via HTTP to the system but not provision, we are using SIP replacements as well for the DMZ? Internal phones will provision via TFTP correctly.


[6] 2009/03/18 10:55:02: HTTP Request tftp/2345-11402-001.bootrom.ld

[9] 2009/03/18 10:55:02: Remote site closed the connection

[9] 2009/03/18 10:55:26: Last message repeated 3 times

[6] 2009/03/18 10:55:26: PnP: Receive 0004f210d648-boot.log:


** modified the real world IP address to the word DMZIP **


0219185249|copy |3|00|'http://180%40rcp.local:****@IP/2345-11402-001.bootrom.ld' from 'DMZIP'

0219185255|cfg |3|00|Image 2345-11402-001.bootrom.ld has not changed

0219185255|copy |3|00|buffered_write: transfer Terminated on entry. Return 0

0219185255|copy |3|00|Download of '2345-11402-001.bootrom.ld' succeeded on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)

0219185255|cfg |3|00|Downloaded bootROM is identical to current version 4.1.2

0219185255|copy |3|00|'http://180%40rcp.local:****@IP/0004f210d648.cfg' from 'DMZIP'

0219185300|copy |4|00|Download of '0004f210d648.cfg' FAILED on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)

0219185300|copy |3|00|transport res: 22 respCode 401,camiseta de futbol baratas

0219185300|copy |3|00|transport error: Curl Error strings have been compiled out.

0219185300|copy |3|00|transport error buffer: The requested URL returned error: 401.

0219185300|copy |3|00|Update of '/ffs0/init.mac' failed, leaving local copy intact

0219185300|copy |3|00|'http://180%40rcp.local:****@DMZIP/000000000000.cfg' from 'DMZIP'

0219185300|copy |4|00|Download of '000000000000.cfg' FAILED on attempt 1 (addr 1 of 1)

0219185300|copy |4|00|Server 'DMZIP' said '000000000000.cfg' is not present

0219185300|copy |3|00|Update of '/ffs0/init.mac' failed, leaving local copy intact

0219185300|cfg |5|00|Updating 000000000000.cfg failed

0219185300|cfg |3|00|Download of MAC.cfg failed, camiseta fcb barsa

0219185300|cfg |3|00|Trying to boot from existing configuration

0219185300|cfg |4|00|Can't boot: MAC.cfg is not present

0219185310|app1 |6|00|0004f210d648.cfg

0219185310|app1 |6|00|Uploading boot log, time is THU FEB 19 18:53:10 2009

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