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Upgrading from PBXnSIP to SnomOne

Bill H

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I have asked these questions before, but I don't remember the answers.


We have PBXnSIP Version 3 dot something and are considering moving up to the latest version of SnomOne.


Can we re-use any portion of our existing XML Files when migrating?


SnomOne Blue states that up to 40 non-Snom phones can be used.

Is the correct?



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Yes that is correct. The upgrade to version 4.5 should be smooth with the exception of the SIP header representation in the trunks. There you might have to fiddle around a little bit. Please take a screen shot of the config in version 3; if the upgrade does not go smoothly there, we can help you settings the right settings on the trunk that work as previously in version 3 (if that is not happening automatically).


And of course, this is as always an excellent opportunity to backup your working directory...

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