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Holiday Service Flag


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I want to create a scheduled (Day/Night) Service Flag that will automatically activate on the U.S. federal holidays listed on the U.S. Postal Service website ( http://about.usps.com/news/events-calendar/2012-federal-holidays.htm ) so I can link it to the Auto Attendant IVR and direct callers to a 'message only' holiday greeting.

In setting up such a SF, I selected the Day/Night mode, but I'm confused as to what to type in the Description fields. After reading the wiki article on SFs ( http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Service_Flags#Setting_up_a_Service_Flag_Account ), it appears as though the SF will not be active if I type 1/2 1/16 2/20 5/28 7/4 9/3 10/8 11/12 11/22 12/25 into the Holidays field.

Is that correct? If so, does that mean I have to manually type in every non-holiday date of the year into the Holidays field, e.g. 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 ... 12/31?

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